we need a server revamp...ASAP...

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we need a server revamp...ASAP...

Hey everyone, dargo speaking, it has come to my attention that, the ranks of pwegoserver have been basically given out the rank of architect, i don't mean to impose or anything, but something has to be done, sure a majority of the architects are great helpers, thats why some have gotten promoted to staff+, i personally think, we should, not segrogate as much, but in a way, create a special branch of server members that are dedicated more to helping the server and its community, rather than focusing on the buildings themselves, but i digress.

Another point, a majority of the architects seem to ignore a lot of their friends they have made once they get the rank of architect, that being said, one could be promoted to architect and completely forget about ones friends if they are a lower rank, this is segrogation in its most natural form, personally, i have kept all my friends, at least tried to, that is why I make friends with many of the builders, and i still keep them as friends to this day.

If you want to post abuse, your thoughts, anything related to this subject, be my guest, i just want people to know, if things don't change soon, people will stop logging onto this server
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