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Request for my aircraft carrier to be protected.
— by Sk1l4funz Sk1l4funz

Although my aircraft carrier is relatively small compared to some that have been made by various minecraft users. Some people on pwegoserver have responded to it with "wow" "amazing" and other compliments as such.

It took me alot of time and dedication. For my standards it is a pretty good little build. Probably one of my best. Now I do not care if other people think that it sucks, but it is pretty important to me as I worked so dam hard on it lol.

I am worried that someone will remove the sign that says I created it, and replace it with a sign saying they created it. An admin checked the block history, unfortunately - there was none.
My ingame name is sk1l4funz if possible, look in the builder requests. It even says that I am going to build an aircraft carrier. (Except i didnt build one as big as i said i would)

I am also affraid of it being griefed.

I recently moved into a house with no phone so i was forced to get pre paid internet. It realy sucks and i cant play on the server anymore that much.

So please I just want my aircraft carrier to be given protection so people cant change it or whatnot.

I have theapplemachine as a whitness that I made it. Theapplemachine said that he remembers helping me get yellow wool and he remembers my name and he sort of remembers me making it.

so please give my carrier protection I already asked but i was told "We do not give protection to small things, sry"  I understand completely but it may be small, But it was hard for me to build and it got me to the first VIP rank.

Please email me at    PLZ PLZ PLZ. and tell me if u decide to give it protection, then I will get back to u asap and show you where it is.

It would be verry greatly appreciated.

Sorry if my complete lack of punctuation made me sound like a noob I am in a rush.