Requests for Hypuhrr

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Requests for Hypuhrr

Well, now since I have the ability to use world edit, I might as well use it to help you all out.

To get me to cuboid however, you will need to have proof of worthiness so it doesn't turn into wasted space.
Just say what you need done, and I will talk to you about it in-game.

Also, pin this if possible please.
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Re: Requests for Hypuhrr

I think ive sad this before but im going to start a new city and i need some help of you.
Im gonna remove my old stuff and just move things that im gonna have in the new city.
I need a lake and some surrounding mountains and some extentions.
This will take some time and im glad if you want to use youre time to help me.
contact me ingame for some more information.

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