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While I'm not admin or staff I can still help people out occasionally.  I've decided to this week dedicate as much time as possible helping people.  Mostly that involves helping them with their builds, digging holes, supplying (non-rare) blocks where appropriate and maybe just out advice.  I WILL NOT build your building for you, I mean what's the point?  But if you have a roof to line and you can't fly, or need a gazillion blocks of wool, just let me know.

Do not ask for Obsidian or Glow Stone, because 9 times out of 10 I can't give it to you; I've got see that a build will actually benefit from adding these blocks before I can even give out this stuff, and even then it's no guarantee I can or will.  You will either have to ask an Admin or Staff member for them or like everyone else, do without until you rank up.

Also before you ask I'm not sure I really want to 'rate' anyone's builds, not that it matters anyway since I can't promote you.  But maybe I can help with my opinion or advice on where to fix things up?

Rank: former Arch (~)
Current project: none