How to Easily Install the Zombe's Fly Mod

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How to Easily Install the Zombe's Fly Mod

So! You're finally ViP (or donated your hard earned money for a promotion for another ViP rank). Now, you're probably itching for that cool flymod. Now, it's easy to download the modpack manually for some of us, but not all of us are good at that, are we?

First off, download this and save it to your desktop:
*NOTE: IF YOU GET A VIRUS OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT, DO NOT BLAME ME (although the chances of a virus are very slim*

Now that you have it installed, you'll want to right click it and click the option 'Run as Admin'. It'll have something pop up saying 'do you trust this program' click 'allow'. Now, it may take a minute to load, so don't freak out. Next, a bunch of options'll come up. Start by checking off the 'delete Meta-Inf Folder' if it isn't already deleted. If the Meta Folder stays, the mod won't work! Next, the key bindings... I prefer using P to activiate flying, L to fly up and K to fly down, while Lshift is my speed increaser (If you do this, you'll have to change your ingame 'sneak' keybind to something else.), but it's entirely up to you! Next, all of the custom default settings are okay, but you'll want to change the altitude down a bit lower.

When you've done all this, you'll want to click on 'save changes' at the bottom. It should install the mod within 5-10 seconds. You're then done!


Hope this helped ;)
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