A little something special I wrote for teh noobs. (I got one for builders aswell.)

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A little something special I wrote for teh noobs. (I got one for builders aswell.)

Please tell me what you think, and leave any constructive feedback you might have.

Ensuring a good first days, on PwegoServer.

The first thing that we recommend you do, is to take a read around the website. It will tell you all sorts of great things, and will answer most of your questions.
A few things you must check out.
 The frontpage. It tells you everything that is going on, on the server, aswell as providing you with info on events and projects going on.
 The Rules page. This is mandatory. You MUST read the rules. It is however, also recommended that you check out the rules on the actual. This is done by using /spawn and then going to the big brown building with the white roof infront of you, also known as the Welcome Center.
 The PwegoServer page. There is a link to this at the top of the frontpage and any page you go to while on www.pwegoable.com. This will tell you things about the server, how many players we got, and provide you with a nice range of pictures from the server.
 The PwegoForums page. The forum is a place where, you, the player can post about almost anything that comes to mind. Yet a place with such freedom HAS to have some rules at the least. Therefore you are to follow the same set of rules that apply to PwegoServer  and general life. This includes not swearing, cursing, and being aggressive towards other players. You are allowed to have a healthy discussion as long as you keep it adult and mature.
 The Donate page. If you log on and think: Wow. This server is great. I want to help, then the donate page is for you. You can donate any amount you like, yet there is 3 special amounts you can donate to gain different benefits in game.
 The YouTube Channels. Often Pwego or Zach (Owner and Admin respectively) makes a video and posts it on youtube. These channels can all be found on the front page.

Now you are properly all tired of reading. But you will have to read a bit more.
When you first enter the game you will land in spawn. Spawn can also be accessed by typing /spawn
When you first log on you might want to go check The Great Arena or Magenta. But the Staffs and Admins on PwegoServer ask you to read ALL the signs in The Welcome Center (mentioned above) and in the general area where you first spawn. This is to ensure that the players who have been around for a while and the Staff will have to spend as little time telling you the rules.

Now you may think. I heard a lot about this Team Ice and Team Magenta. What is it, and how do I join.
Well, that question is answered in The Welcome Center. However you can also go on the Apply for builder tap, under top links on the frontpage. This will take you to an application form that will let you join one of the two teams. Nothing is really required to fill out this form, other than a good sense for grammar and that you have read and accepted all of the rules of PwegoServer.
Now you should be loaded with all the information you need to have a good  first few days on PwegoServer.

The Staffs and The Admins looks forward to seeing you, and hope that you enjoy your stay.

SauceBoss of epic dimensions.
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Re: A little something special I wrote for teh noobs. (I got one for builders aswell.)

OMG nillas this helped me A LOT thanks so much i will keep eating your sauce
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