A Beginners guide to the Pwegoserver

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A Beginners guide to the Pwegoserver

Okay so it seems you have joined the pwegoserver. I know what is going through your mind "omfg this is awsome" well it gets better. I know most of you join to build (pretty obvious isnt it) and want to get started straight away. BUT, read the rules first. Most of you will think oh it will the same as all servers , dont grief dont curse etc. Well we have a couple of other rules such as no sprites (lets face it they arent as pretty as the place that you first spawned are they?). You find these rules at the right of you in spawn, in the welcome centre.

So, youve read the rules, good. But what now ,Build or explore? Well i dont need to cover the explore part do I , im sure thats self explanatory isnt it ( or do i expect too much ). To build you need resources/blocks dont you. Well by typing in [/warp storage] you will be sent to the storage house. Here you can get all the basic blocks ranging from wood to end stone. However it does not include all materials , minerals being a main block type missing from the storage (iron,gold etc) you need to mine these yourself or trade with others. Tools are also available in the storage house (Diamond ones aswell, yes i know we spoil you dont we). Okay so your kitted up and ready to build. "but where can i build?" Well if you ask that you will mostly be told do [/warp noobbuilder] Personally i suggest ignoring them, that area is a griefers haven and most builds dont survive a couple of hours there untouched. What i suggest doing is this : Explore spawn and the surrounding areas for a while, have a look at the quality of previous builds and cities such as ice and magneta. When you reach the end of the area your exploring, choose a direction away from it and walk for 10 minutes. You will most probably reach an area that hasnt been built on, and is suitable for you And agrees to the rule of no building near another build. So you have your land , perfect?

Well not quite, you have your land but how do you get back if you need to go to storage for more stuff. well doing [/home set] means your home is set at the point you are standing on. Then when you go exploring or go to storage etc, you can do the command [/home] to return to your set home , Great. Now the burning question in your head, "WHAT DO I BUILD?" well the best answer is anything. Build anything you want as long as it abides to the rules that have been set to you (no 1x1 towers unless for scaffolding, no rude builds either there is children on the server). However most people do build a house for their first build. Personally i suggest not doing that, its a huge cliche and when you come to ask for rates (later on in the guide) most will get nothing for a house. Other cliche builds are castles ( the quality expected for a castle is pretty insane), noob towns ( normally a 4 house town that has no detail and most will go "thats crap" at)

Well it seems you know how to survive for a couple of minutes before your head is filled with more questions like " wuts w.e " and "how can i get creative" and also "OMFG I WANT TO FLY". well these things are all special things that you will earn throughout your time at pwegoserver, through skill or trust ( trust is a huge part of this server , its built a lot around it) . For flying, you must be vip (getting this will be later) , creative mode is given to the most trusted and skilled members of the server, given only by staff and admins. W.e is world edit, a powerful took used to change landscapes and other things such as clearing land, changing things, removing mistakes (surprisingly uncommon request from what ive seen). Architect+ have the ability to use this tool (remember arch have limited world edit power). Also something you should know, the anti cheat plugin which we use to block the use of fly for builders also stops running (im sure someone knows why) so you will have to make do without it (not that much of a problem its pretty naff anyway)

Now onto the best part of all , Ranks. There are a variety of ranks on the pwegoserver ranging from the beginner : builder  to the all mighty powerful admins. Your powers will increase as you get more ranks (unless you become criminal , then you cant even do [/spawn] lol). You get new ranks by asking staff and admins to view your builds and have them give you ratings and opinions on builds. If they like it so much and find you have earned a new rank , they shall give it to you, or tell another staff to do so if they cannot for an unknown reason. If you dont earn the rank and you build is a bit suckish in their opinion, ask why (dont get angry some staff dont like being talk horrible to) and then improve your build on what they have given to you. Dont get downhearted by one staffs opinion , they want to make you improve and become a better builder. If they say its bad, improve and show them that you are better than they first made out to be (basically show them "silly u thought i was a bad builder" ).

Well that should keep you going for a while. If you have any questions just ask anyone, most people such as myself are always willing to help others if they are higher or lower in rank than us. all you have to do is ask.

Some commands that will be useful in your time

[/spawn] - sends u back to the first place you spawned in
[/ping] - replys with pong! , the quicker it replys the less lag you have

Some warps for you to feast your eyes on

[/warp mag] - magneta
[/warp ice] - ice
[/warp paradigm] - Circleight's Paradigm
[/warp zachcity] - Zachbora's Asian city
[/warp arena] - The handbuilt arena built by Djmotive (Dave)
[/warp dragon] - The dragon Valoo from zelda built by pandorum
[/warp hunedoara] - A huge city built by _No_Life_king along with others
[/warp chillville] - a community project made into a timelapse

Enjoy your time at Pwegoserver :)

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Re: A Beginners guide to the Pwegoserver

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